Eat For A Week

This weekly service takes place in your kitchen; the chef will prepare nutritious, organic food to last you a week, package dishes individually, and take care of clean up. No more worrying about cooking or rifling through take-out menus. Any kind of dietary restrictions are welcome - the contents that fill your fridge are entirely up to you. The chef will work closely with you to come up with a personalized regimen based on your likes, dislikes, cravings, and restrictions. 

Meal Delivery

Have a weeks worth of food delivered right to your doorstep. This service is similar to the “Eat For A Week” program; your weekly menus will be planned according to your palate and dietary restrictions. The only difference is the location in which the food is prepared. If you would prefer to have your weekly meals prepared outside of your home, the chef will create them in a fully-stocked kitchen, meals will be packed up into containers, and you will be given the option to pick them up or have them dropped off to you at your convenience. 

Cooking Lessons

By participating in a series of cooking lessons, you can learn basic skills and techniques that can be applied to everyday meals in endless combinations. The chef will show you how to incorporate more healthful, seasonal, energy-rich foods into your diet. Adding unfamiliar seasonal ingredients and exotic spices to your comfort foods can add variety and excitement to an otherwise boring meal. If a dietary restriction is overwhelming you, the chef will show you how to cope with these challenges. You will also become more versed and efficient in the kitchen, cutting down on prepping, cooking, and cleaning times, leaving you more free time to spend however you wish.

Lesson plans are personalized for each client.

Menu Planning

When cooking for yourself or your family, managing to create a delicious, healthy, and quick meal is a challenge. The key to pulling this off successfully is having a great menu plan. The chef will work with you to plan a weekly meal program comprised of original recipes for you to make at home. Your personalized menu plan will be structured to transform leftovers and reuse ingredients. It will also include a weekly grocery list to make for an effortless shopping trip. 


Whether you have just been diagnosed with an intolerance, allergy, or illness, are struggling with your weight, or are simply opting for a healthier lifestyle, speaking with a consultant about your options may greatly reduce stress and confusion. Together with the chef, you will design a personalized regimen and figure out how to deal with your specific needs in a holistic way. Discover what foods to avoid and uncover the miracle foods that can benefit your body.

Your Baby & You

Being healthy before and after giving birth makes a lifelong difference in the health of both you and your baby. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time to overindulge in cravings and comfort foods. This meal program is strategically designed to support the development and growth of your baby, to keep you well nourished, and simultaneously minimize any excess baby weight.

During your pregnancy, as well as your first few weeks of motherhood, your refrigerator will be stocked with clean, mineral & vitamin rich foods that will keep you and your baby healthy, energized, and relaxed. This meal program focuses on variety and efficient eating, and incorporates foods that combat symptoms such as morning sickness and heartburn. It is great for any mother or mother-to-be who is looking for healthful foods, but just does not have the time to cook for her and her family. Let the chef cook for you, especially during those tender first weeks after childbirth.

Baby Food

Because your baby deserves the very best! Made from local, organic, seasonal produce and whole grains, this homemade baby food will teach your baby to enjoy healthful foods, starting at a young age. Flavors change seasonally.

Special Events

Let me help you plan your next dinner party or special event. Serve your friends and family clean, fresh, organic food, customized to your palate and dietary needs.  Whether you are having a few friends over or are planning a large celebration, having a chef to help you through it will allow you more time to enjoy yourself and your company. 


Be as hands on or hands off as you wish. Feel free to suggest all dishes, request some dishes, or leave all the menu planning to the chef.